Don't Have The Time To Create Information Products? Worse Still, Canít Find The Ones That You've Already Bought Rights To On Your Hard Drive?

All Internet Marketers Have Literally Hundreds of Gigabytes Of Products Sitting On Their PC Hard Drives Just Gathering Digital Dust! Don't You Be One Of Them!

Gareth C Thomas

From: Gareth C Thomas
Date: Thursday, 2:29 PM

Dear Friend,

This membership site is different from many other sites offering bundles of products with PLR/MRR and Resale Rights. The products are high quality, not the usual rubbish often touted out there on the internet, and best of all, they are categorised into logical categories so that it becomes a cinch to search for a product you might need to grab and use in a hurry. This avoids the "overwhelm" factor too. You know what it's like... join a site and get access to 150 gazillion products for $47 each month, but you can cancel at any time. Then you go in and download all the stuff to your hard drive and it's never found again.

some Private Label Rights products are so badly written...

The trouble with most Private Label Rights products is that they are so badly written. Others are stale and out of date. The graphics stink (probably made by the design and technology student at the local high school!) and the sales letter couldn't sell water to a thirsty man in the blazing hot sun of a heat-baked desert!

the reports and ebooks aren't actually written by someone whose first language is English...

Oftentimes the ebooks aren't actually written by someone whose first language is English. You feel so embarrased by the quality of the product that you end up rewriting the product and guess what... doing this sucks up too much or your valuable time. The only saving grace is that if you do end up changing it, at least it won't be like the other thousands of identical products also out there on the internet, identical to yours in words, graphics and content, and all being sold... for FREE! Giving this valuable content away for FREE devalues the awesome information in these PLR products and does nothing for anybody.

And finally think about this...

...selling poor quality products will only come back to bite you on the behind when you get a flood of refund requests from your customers. You don't want that as your reputation for selling great information products is what will keep make you successful and keep bringing you repeat orders from your customers time after time.

When I first started buying products for resale, I did just as you do now... Some "guru" would email me and tell me it was a good idea to buy this product or that product and that I could make money "if I make just ONE sale, the investment I make is effectively returned and the other sales result in pure profit!". The trouble is that they weren't wrong... you CAN make money with these products. Many of them are superb! The trouble was that I was so disorganised that I couldn't find the product I wanted to upload and add to my site at the time that I had the idea to sell something or give it away as a bonus to my customers...!

I wasted so much time that the initial excitement of the project just melted away like frosty the snowman out hiking in the desert. You know exactly what I'm talking about here...

The Solution?...

...So what is the solution? Let me reveal to you the answer to this major stumbling block most internet marketers run into at some point in their internet marketing career...

... the solution is a repository, a private online club which is literally bulging with quality products with different types of licenses but all are for resale (some are PLR, some have MRR and some have just RR) where...

  • all the products are categorised and organised logically
  • the products have either been checked and used by me personally or they are going to be used by me
  • are all top quality products that you can use with the minimum of fuss and hassle, little, if any, re-work is required before you can start making money from them
  • any sales you make you keep 100% of the sales price as your profit
  • more quality products added every month which you'll be told about in advance

Well by now you might be asking "So what! What's the benefit to me?". Well allow me to list some benefits to you when you join this club...

  • You won't need to download anything! You can if you want to but why use up your PC hard drive space? Use ours instead!
  • You can access your products in the site anytime you like and from anywhere you like. If the stuff is on your PC hard drive, you have to be at YOUR computer, not A computer!
  • You can search for products to sell outright, add as a bonus for a project you're working on right now
  • You can give some of the products away for free thereby use them for listbuilding. Heck I searched high and low for products with Giveaway Rights and it's like searching for a needle in a haystack! They were there, but they were so unordered noone could find them! I'll make sure these products are properly Tagged for easy retrieval...
  • After 12 monthly payments, your subscription will end. That's it, no more payment to be made! Nil, Nada, Zilch!

This is what expert internet marketer, Liz Tomey, does with PLR products that she buys...

  • Use them as content for my niche ezines. Take content, add in affiliate links, and BAM! I've got a profit stream...
  • Create products, list them in affiliate networks, and have affiliates sell them like crazy...
  • Use PLR articles to create huge sites that make me money via Adsense on total autopilot
  • Turn video, audio, ebook, and article content into content for several niche membership sites that continually make me money month after month.
  • Create products, a sales system, and sell them as a complete business for $1000-$2000 a pop...
  • Liz Tomey

List what's actually in your product (like what videos or the table of contents)...

    With your membership, you will receive new PLR/MRR and RR products every single month, all nicely organised and SEARCHABLE - some of which will include (depending on the rights):
  • An ebook or top quality report complete with graphics in .doc and .pdf versions
  • Each eBook you receive with The Ten Dollar Club is well researched, well written and 100% relevant
  • Sets of eBook Graphics (.psd and .jpg versions)
  • Sets of Background Images (.psd and .jpg versions)
  • Sets of Buy Now Buttons (psd and jpg versions)
  • Each graphic you receive with The Ten Dollar Club has been created by a professional designer and includes all of the source files
  • A salespage written by great and respected copywriters in the internet marketing space
  • Each sales letter that you receive with The Ten Dollar Club has been created specially for that product and tailor-made to absolutely sell the product for you!
  • A squeeze page
  • A download page to deliver the product
  • So with all this fantastic value, month after month, what's stopping you? Go and hit the Buy Now button below and join The Ten Dollar Club.

    To your success
    Gareth C Thomas

    P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, within 30 days, you don't think that the products available within this club will work to make you money, just request a 100% refund - no questions asked.

    Remember you get immediate access to the first month of PLR/MRR/RR content and it can be downloaded straightaway. If you cancel your membership you get to keep all of it. So, the risk is all on us.

Gareth C Thomas,, 25 Callingham Close, London, E14 7EW, United Kingdom, +44 7971 874 147
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